Penetration testing or in very informal language, Hacking, is one of the most attractive area of interest for techies. And one of the reasons for that is while doing any Pentest or cracking on public or personal network has got only one rule … Save your Identity!! Right from changing media access control address (MAC address) when working for simple thing like Wi-Fi password crack or changing Internet Protocol address (IP address) when trying to attack online database , the most basic thing is changing these address from default so that even nosy agencies has to do some real stuff to dig it up.

But before learning to change, let’s find out what is IP address (Version 4). It consists of 4 field of 8 bit each which makes 32 bit in total. While using decimal number system each field’s number lies between 1 & 255. This address tells about network properties & even geographical location. Other number system used to write it are hexadecimal, DWORD, binary & octal.

Locating the address

There are many ways to check our IP address like >ipconfig command in CMD or manually from adapter settings or simply Google my+ip. For finding geographical location of any IP address visit here , enter the IP and done!

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