Small is beautiful !! This is not the only reason to prefer Unix over other OS. For developing a real Hacker Attitude there are many things than trying tweaks and tricks . When Linux apps used for exploitation like Zenmap, and Metasploit are developed in Linux and then ported over to Windows, they often lose some of their capabilities. In addition, there are capabilities built into Linux that simply are not available in Windows. That is why hacker tools are in most cases ONLY developed for Linux. After learning basics of any programming language (C,Java,Python) and basics of web designing (HTML) , learning Linux is the next requirement for your passion.

After installation of Kali Linux , let’s look inside it. It’s important to have a basic knowledge of file system because many times we need to reach and traverse a location without tools like Windows Explorer. Overlook of Directory Structure of Linux:


Unlike Windows, Linux’s file system is not linked to physical drive so instead of “c:\” we have only a “/”. This forward slash represents the “root” of file system.

From above shown directories some of the important with properties is given below:

/bin : binaries are stored here which makes the OS run.

/etc : configuration files in text form for everything is here.

/dev : holds device files like device drivers.

/var : other files other including log files are stored here

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