This post is to guide those people who want to get started or have just started with programming/competitive programming.

Through this post,we aim to guide you about which topics you should read and practice in a systematic way. We have provided short explanations and links to proper resources at relevant places, so that you utilize them to maximum.

Prerequisite : Basic knowledge of any programming language. We will follow C/C++ (not using java as it is slow) ,some mathematics ( up to class 12th ) & a bit of IQ.

Once you satisfy the prerequisite criteria, your next step should be to write codes, but before you start writing some actual code you need to equip yourself with the proper tools- IDE.

Here are some of the IDE’s which most of the programmers use for writing codes in C/C++:

Online Programming Contests:
Once you are aware of the prerequisites and have gained the experience of writing the codes, your next step should be to jump in
in the battlefield-online programming contests.
Here you write codes and submit them online . The judge runs your code and checks the output of your program for several inputs and gives the result based on your program’s outputs.You must follow exact I/O formats. For e.g. do not print statements like : “enter the number”.
There are various sites at present which host different online programming contests.Participating in these contests provides you the platform to compete, not only with the best of the best ones in the world (including professionals from Google,Apple,Amazon,Facebook etc) but also with your fellow mates across different colleges and among your friends.All these provides you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and excel eventually via competing.
And the best part there are no barriers to stop you. You just need a laptop & an internet connection, that’s all !!
Here are some of the websites organizing online programming contests.

Happy Coding !!

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