How do I Learn to Code? This is probably the most nagging question at the back of your mind, once you have decided that you want to learn programming. Like learning anything else, there is no standard process for learning to code. Of course there are guidelines, there are courses,there are ideologies and there are set traditions, but there is no one single correct way.

But before we start guiding you towards your one such area of interest, let us just start making things simple for you.

How? ….Let’s see..!

Programming is a very practical and hands on skill. You have to continuously do it to be good at it. Its not enough to solve the problem theoretically, you have to code it and get the solution accepted. Knowing which algorithm/logic to use and implementing it are two different things. It takes both to be good at programming.

But what’s new, every now and then a beginner is made/asked to do such stuffs.

Here we are to make these things simpler for you,and not just simpler slowly we are going to help you take your creativity to new heights.

Watch this amazing short film : Must Watch!

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