1. In most of the programming problems, the most commonly used operation is modular division . Its very simple to use, and has very simple syntax a%n (in C/C++),where a is the dividend and n is the divisor and the output of the above expression(a%n) being the remainder , with which you all must be aware of. However the key part here is the application of this simple operation under various situations and to learn this you must be aware with its properties which will offer you flexibility and ease in implementing while writing the codes.
    • (a mod n) mod n=a mod n
    • n^x mod n=0 for all positive integral values of x.
    • ((-a mod n)+(a mod n)) mod n=0
    • (a+b) mod n=((a mod n)+(b mod n)) mod n

To know more about modular division and its properties visit.

Some problems for practicing :

Few problem links,which you can try online :

2. The next most important stuff which you will be using in almost 90      % of the problems will be frequent use of arrays.You must be good      at accessing the arrays and various primitive algorithms                            associated with arrays like sorting and searching etc.

Some problems for practicing:

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