For learning real hacking it is advised to use Kali Linux as OS and not any Windows
distribution. If you are using Windows and downloading softwares for hacking or cracking
anything it worth nothing in hacker culture. Also, it might be harmful for your own
PC & your sensitive data as you may download remote administration tool (a RAT) which
is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he/she
has physical access to that system, or any other malware.

Installing Kali Linux:

There are many ways to run Kali Linux on a system like running on virtual machine,
booting from flash drive or full installation independently or even in dual boot with
other OS.

For downloading the ISO image file visit this and select the
version which is suitable for you. Documentation for installation is available on here.

When you are dual-booting with other OS , it is advised to use a fresh partition of
hard disk. New partition can be created on a system with pre-installed OS by downloading EPM.

After installing log in to your device by Username: Root & Password is the one you
selected during installation.



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