As discussed earlier each network card has a physical static address called MAC address. This is used by devices to identify each other and to transfer packets to right place.

It can also be used to trace back and identify our device. To overcome this we can change our MAC address temporarily using MAC changer.


To check wireless card name:


Disabling wireless card

>ifconfig [Interface] down

Changing the MAC address

>macchanger -m [New MAC] [Interface] or >macchanger random wlan0    : for assigning completely random MAC address.

Changing MAC address


Enabling wireless card :

>ifconfig [Interface] up

Now, it can be checked that it worked or not by

>ifconfig wlan0

Enabling mon0 interface:

It is a virtual wireless card which can be used for sniffing.

>ifconfig wlan0 down

To see available wireless card


Starting mon0 mode:

>airmon-ng start wlan0

Now, we have a virtual wireless card mon0 created by airmon-ng which captures any packet within our range and not only the one which we are connected to.

Monitor mode enabled

To stop mon0:

>airmon-ng stop mon0

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